Meet Our Herd

REINS therapy horses carry precious cargo and we take great care in selecting, evaluating and training them. Our Program Manager first evaluates all horses being considered to join the our herd. The horse’s conformation, movement, and behavior are assessed, as well as their ground manners, ability under saddle, and suitability for riders with disabilities. If the horse is then accepted, he will come to REINS for a 90-day trial period. If the trial period is a success, donation papers are signed and REINS accepts the horse with much gratitude. When a horse becomes ready for retirement the original owner has the right of first refusal. If they waive that right, REINS carefully selects a good home for our retiring Equine.

Our Geldings


American Quarter Horse, foaled in 2009

Joined REINS: 2020

Hoagie is known for his loving personality and eagerness to please his riders. He was donated to REINS by his owner, who is active duty military, and needed a loving home to place Hoagie in. Hoagie wins hearts with his sweet disposition, his smooth jog, steady head and wonderful ground manners. Hoagie’s background consists of trail and western riding and his extensive training and steady personality will provide our students with the confidence to take their riding to the next level. Whether it’s playing in the arena or being ridden in a lesson, Hoagie is always ready for an affectionate snuggle and finds ways to make our riders smile! We look forward to many years with our Hoagie Bear in the therapy herd!

Proudly Sponsored by:
Wesley Linder,
Renee & Glen Hoglen


American Paint Horse, foaled June 13, 2003

Joined REINS: 2019

Scotty started his life at a cattle ranch in Montana, where he learned his magnificent ground manners that he carries with him today.  His calm and patient demeanor was taught to him when he was part of a petting zoo along with many different species of animals.  He absolutely loves kids of all ages, and knows the difference between plodding around with a little tike and schooling with an avid rider.  Scotty is already a favorite among staff and volunteers, and quickly building his fan club with riders and their families!

Proudly Sponsored by:
North Coast Church


Arabian, foaled in 2004

Joined REINS: 2018

Chuy is a special little horse that has a level head and steady gait.  Although he used to be a very fast little barrel racer, he is happy to stay at a gentle jog for his new riders. He has wonderful manners and is an easy lead for our volunteers. Chuy is the perfect horse to teach our young riders how to ride independently, and learn to trust.  His “up-for-anything” attitude helps to keep his lessons interesting and engaging. We look forward to many years with Mr. Chuy!



Thoroughbred, foaled 2000

Joined REINS: 2017

Flash is just the opposite of his name, he is slow and steady.  Taking his job seriously he really tries hard to please but following each cue given. With his steady walk and gentle jog, he gives his riders a consistent ride, offering the independence needed for his riders to carry them to the next level while making them feel safe and relaxed. Flash has the kind face of a young child with the wise soul of grandpa, he is going to make a great therapy horse for many years to come.

Proudly Sponsored by:
Donnajean Provin


Norwegian Fjord, foaled May 2, 2002

Joined REINS: 2014

Proudly Sponsored by:  Kandis Pinamonti

Finn is one of our several registered Norwegian Fjord Horses at REINS.  His playful attitude and endless energy adds a spicy new dynamic to the gelding pasture.  He is built stout, and durable, perfect for a therapy horse!  Always eager to move, Finn keeps his riders alert and engaged during their lessons to ensure they get the most out of their ride.  From balls to bubbles this horse is ready to play!! On his free time, keeping the pasture alive and active is his main mission. He is always ready for another horse to join in his games!


Proudly Sponsored by:
Kandis Pinamonti


Norwegian Fjord and Percheron cross, foaled in 2008

Joined REINS: July 2012

Konah is our slow and steady big baby Huey.  He just loves to play with whatever toys are out in the pasture, from the water hose to the feed buckets.  Although he is mister playful in the pasture, Konah is the solid steady horse that can carry our biggest or newest riders.  He is the master of slow and slower, but will occasionally step on the gas if the rider encourages him enough.  When he first came to REINS, Konah had barely any training, but over time and with a bit of work he has become a wonderful horse.  Because Konah came to us at such a young age, we hope to have him around for years to come!


Proudly Sponsored by:
North Coast Church


Arabian and American Paint Horse cross, foaled in 2001

Joined REINS: 2016

Cisco Kid is just that, a kid!  He is one of the most playful little guys that REINS has ever seen.  His colorful personality matches his flashy colorful coat, and his sassy little tail matches his sassy little attitude.  Even though he is pretty energetic, when a little tyke gets on his back he drops his head and baby sits his kiddos.  We know this fun horse is going to spend many years showing our riders around our therapy ring.  “Let’s GO Cisco!” is his favorite phrase to hear!


Proudly Sponsored by:
Chris Kuran


Joined REINS, 2021

Bam Bam came to us all the way from Colorado! He’s a super goofy boy that loves playing with anything and everything. His curios nature can sometimes get him in to trouble but he never lets anything faze him and doesn’t get bothered when he gets in over his head. This curiosity mixed with his loving personality make him a perfect fit for our “up for anything” riders. Bam Bam looks like a model and has the hip movement to match which offers a lot of “hula hoop” type movement to his riders and helps strengthen their core muscles. Bam Bam brings a playfulness to our herd that is sure to keep everyone on their toes!


Proudly Purchased by:
Jere McFarland

Our Mares



Joined REINS: 2021

Copa quickly became a crowd favorite here at REINS, which isn’t surprising, considering her go get’em personality and sweet nature. She is very talkative and you can often hear her “chatting” with her friends across the property. Copa is originally from a western show barn where she spent her days showing kids the ropes of the trade and learning valuable lessons, which she can now pass on to our riders here at REINS. Copa has a big personality packed inside her little body and you just can’t help singing the “Copacabana” anytime you see her.


Oldenburg, foaled in 2001

Joined REINS: 2020

Before REINS, Paisley worked as a fancy show horse. During her time in the show ring, Paisley learned a lot of useful skills that are very valuable here at REINS. She quickly adapted into our slower pace of life and enjoys teaching new riders all she knows. With her big heart and eager nature, Paisley is the perfect addition to our equine herd.

Proudly Sponsored by:
Stephen Provin


Fjord / Belgian Cross, foaled in 2012

Joined REINS: 2021

Luna is our big girl with a very curious personality. She doesn’t think twice about going up to something new and checking it out. We love that she is affectionate with anyone who ventures close to her stall, and she won’t hesitate to put her head right into your lap for a cuddle. This is Luna’s first real horse career and she is excelling in it. She is a quick learner who aims to please and we are happy she has found a home here.  Luna is the type of therapy horse that can do it all and is a great addition to our equine herd.

Proudly Purchased by:
Jere McFarland


Icelandic Pony, foaled in 2001

Joined REINS: 2019

Cookie is a cute little Icelandic pony that has fit right into our program neatly.  She rules the pasture with a quick turn of the eye, but keeps things mellow in her lessons. She offers a unique gait called the “tolt” that gives her riders an incredibly smooth, but fast ride.  Because some of our riders need core strengthening, she is a perfect fit as she offers a kind of “crunch or sit-up” movement that will target specifically that area of the rider’s body. She is a rock star when it comes to using the tools, or accommodating a variety of different rider types.  She is just the type of Cookie we crave here at REINS!

Proudly Sponsored by:
Byrne Family & Krystalle Glosser


Norwegian Fjord, foaled in 2004

Joined REINS: 2017

Misha and her friend Daisy both found a home at REINS when another therapy center relocated and needed to find a new home for them.  As our largest Fjord mare, Misha will have some big shoes to fill as a heavy lifter around here. She has definitely found her spot in the pasture with the girls, as she spends most of her day following Clover and Chloe around on their quest to find every scrap of food left over from the last meal. With her kind eye and brute strength, Misha will offer a confident ride for her students.


Pony of the Americas, foaled in 1997

Joined REINS: 2017

Daisy and her friend Misha both found a home at REINS when another therapy center relocated and needed them to find a new career together. Daisy instantly proved herself as a trustworthy therapy pony the moment we brought her into the arena, and began to take new lessons within a week of arriving to REINS.   She has proven to be a versatile pony that can take any kiddo from beginner to novice.  She has had years of experience, and it shows each time a new rider takes the reins.  Her confidence is much greater than her size, and she is definitely pulling her weight around here!


Gypsy Vanner, foaled January 1, 2008

Joined REINS: 2017

We are so excited to have selected Bonnie after winning a GypsyGift contest made possible by Lexlin Ranch.  Bonnie was originally imported from the United Kingdom, to Lexlin Ranch in Rockwood, Tennessee.  After her time as a brood mare, Bonnie was elected to be part of the Gypsy Gift program.  REINS friends and family followers worked so hard to win the contest, and after a long 2 months of voting on Facebook, we chose Bonnie! She has traveled far to get here and seems to be settling in well. Gypsy Vanners are uniquely suited to be great therapy horses, and we know that she will be able to serve our students and our program for many years to come! Thank you for being part of the REINS team!

Proudly Sponsored by:
Jodi Cressman & Eileen Fagan


Norwegian Fjord, foaled May 28, 2003  

Joined REINS:  2017

Sara is one of REINS’ 8 Norwegian Fjords! She is actually a cousin of our oldest Fjords, Leif and Erica (now in greener pastures)! We know she will give us many, many years of good service as REINS is in her blood! She has a steady stride, and strong back, offering a wonderful seat to many of our little tikes.  Although she isn’t as robust as a few of our Fjords, Sara will definitely find her niche with our smaller students that like to ride backwards, sideways, and sleeping Indian (laying over the barrel of the horse on the rider’s tummy). We love Sara, and look forward to having her for many years.

Proudly Sponsored by:
Lauri Trunnell
Sponsored for Ellie


Icelandic and Welsh Mountain Pony cross, foaled in 2000

Joined REINS: February 2013

She has the personality of a feisty little puppy! While she is great for toting around our little tots, she is also very good with our kiddos learning to steer independently.  She keeps us all on our toes with her spunky demeanor, and vivacious attitude!

When we first started introducing Clover to all of our therapy tools, such as the basketball hoop, poles, and rings, she would just turn her head a look at us like she had seen it all before. Even when we introduced her to the herd, it was such a smooth transition that it seemed as though she already knew everybody. Clover is a wonderful addition to our program, and I am so glad that she has fit in so well.   She has so much to offer our little riders, and we are so blessed to have her here with us!